Association of dancers and musicians of the Massif Central


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Who are we?

La Montagnarde

We are a traditional French Folk group from ‘’Massif Central’’ (Auvergne). We gather 70 dynamic dancers and musicians coming from this beautiful area of France. Throughour shows we will lead you in our shire for a typical travel in France from 19th and 20th centuries.

Next events

June 4th, 2017 : Bois d'Arcy Festival


June 10th, 2017 : Banquet of La Drugeacoise


October 6-7-8th, 2017 : Aveyron's traditions, know how and food products celebration in Paris (Rue de l'Aubrac - 75012)


October 14th, 2017 : Banquet of our group (38th birthday)