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La Montagnarde

We are a traditional French Folk group from ‘’Massif Central’’ (Auvergne). We gather 70 dynamic dancers and musicians coming from this beautiful area of France. Through our shows we will lead you in our shire for a typical travel in France from 19th and 20th centuries.

"Rode que roderas toujour au pais torneras"

Our group was created in 1979 by Mr. Jean MARTIN and Mr. François HUGON. It was then lead by Mrs DanièleMartin for 22 years and by Christian Fel up until 2015. Damien NAUDAN is our current president who brings together our young and dynamic dancers and musicians.

The girls are elegant and gracefull, the boys are virile while gallant. Our costumes and dances are the true heritage of the history of ROUERGUE, AUVERGNE, GEVAUDAN and QUERCY (our four regions).

We love to share our shows which sound like festivities.

We are keen on inviting you to discover the arts and traditions of our homeland.


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